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Have you been in chronic pain for the past 6 months? Where are you having pain?  

Treatment offered by StemMD is not available for back or neck pain.

Breakthrough Treatments

What if you could activate your body's own healing powers from within, promoting regeneration, recovery and complete healing.
Well, there is no reason to imagine because it is now possible to harness and stimulate your body's natural healing powers thanks to pioneering research and development in the field of stem cell therapy. Stem MD is a forerunner in the field of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Stem MD is a one-of-a-kind health care network, comprised of world-renowned board-certified surgeons who specialize in some of the most advanced, high-tech healing solutions.

Stem MD's medical director, Dr. Joseph Purita, specializes in treating an array of orthopedic ailments. Dr. Purita is available to create a comprehensive treatment plan detailing the therapies that can bring about healing in your body. It's time to let the healing begin. Contact Stem MD today for a free consultation and MRI Review by our on-call physician, or browse our content on the innovative treatments that are now available within the fields of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.


Platelet Rich Plasma

All Stem cell treatments at stem MD will include PRP which offer growth factors and give a 5 fold increase in stem cell effects. Click Here to read more about platelet rich plasma.

Stem cells

Stem Cells are the vital components for regeneration. We here at Stem MD have developed a protocol that will get you back to the things you enjoy most, Click Here to learn more about stem cells

Enhancement Therapies

Stem MD works with world renowned doctors and scientist to develop enhancement therapies to maximize Stem MD treatments with stem cell, Click Here to see our recommendations


There are 2 fluid compartments that allow us to harvest a large concentrate of adult mesenchymal stem cells. Based on your treatment plan your therapy can include one, the other, or both.

  • °   Bone Marrow extracted from the pelvic bone
  • °   Adipose (fat) cells from either the stomach, hip, or gluteal area

Please note this is not a quick fix that will last a short time. Stem Cell Therapy is a repair process which takes weeks to months but will last. This is why we create a treatment plan that should be followed for lasting results.


The repair usually takes 2-3 months, but improvement is typically noted before then.

Approximately 4-6 weeks after the stem cell injections, a platelet rich plasma injection is performed on the affected area followed. These platelet injections allow the stem cells to continue growing and multiplying into cartilage tissue, a form of "booster" to continue regeneration. Please see our PRP treatment section for a better understand of the PRP process.

Stem cells are the repairmen of the body. Let us show you how these new therapies can improve your quality of life.

Stem Cell Therapy is Changing Lives

Although it Sounds like something from a Sci-Fi movie, new and innovated, stem cell therapy has actually been around for quite some time now. In the past, these cells were very difficult and expensive to utilize, limiting its availability to sports players and the Elite.

NOW with newer techniques and equipment, stem cells can easily be obtained and concentrated by a simple office procedure.
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